Flora's Pet Project

We all need homes...
FIV-positive gray male
HAROLD has been adopted! We are delighted to report that our good friend Harold has found a fabulous permanent home where he will be using his purring skills nonstop. Congratulations, Harold, and our thanks to his wonderful new family!
Our Beloved Friend ("Old Kitty")
Our beloved, ancient WINNIE (known to us as "Old Kitty") passed away recently after more than 4 1/2 years in foster care with us. Winnie was very old and very thin when she first arrived, and she had somehow lost her tail along the way, but in her final years we had the opportunity to show her what it meant to be loved, and have everything she needed for her comfort--attention to her health, a warm bed, a sunny window, and whatever she wanted to eat. Not every abandoned dog or cat leaves us for a new home, but thanks to our wonderful supporters, each one who makes it to our doorstep is loved, and feels at home with us.
DECLAWED, senior, obese gray kitty
Senior kitty STEVE came to us with a broken leg which has been repaired beautifully, and he is now looking for a new home.  Steve is an older boy, he is declawed, and he is HUGE, with a gentle and quiet personality.  Steve will be a great companion for watching t.v., and if you're looking for moral support during a diet, Steve could stand to lose a few pounds, too.  Steve has been fully vetted, of course.

Orange Tabby Born 7/08

ANDREW, a handsome orange tabby born in July, 2008, came to us when a falling air conditioner broke his leg and his former family couldn't afford his care.  Andrew has long since healed from the surgery to repair his leg, and he is ready for a home of his own.  Andrew is relaxed, happy, affectionate, great with other cats and fully vetted.  A truly wonderful kitty who deserves a "break." 

SARAH is a petite tortie female born in 2006, and she likes nothing better than to curl up in a lap and purr.  Sarah is healthy, sweet, affectionate and playful.

Tiger & white kitty born 9/09
SUMMER is a sweet, shorthaired tiger and white female with a gentle, shy personality and a quiet disposition. She came to us with a broken leg which has long since healed perfectly, and she is ready for a home of her own. Summer loves other cats and is unfazed by dogs, and would probably be a bit lonely as an only pet.

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