Flora's Pet Project



Dachshund mix born 1/25/2015
WOODY is a darling, 13-lb. wire-coated dachshund (or dachshund mix--we're not sure) who turned 2 years old on January 25, 2017. Woody is affectionate, a quick learner, athletic (think agility dog!) and sturdy enough to hug but small enough to fit in anywhere. His slightly fluffy coat does not require clipping, and his wiry good looks will turn heads wherever he goes. Woody is definitely an alarm barker, so apartment/condo living would not be ideal. Good with other animals and housebroken, Woody is fully vetted, neutered and ready to go. If you love dachshunds, you will LOVE Woody!

Chihuahua born January 2013
GILBERT is an absolutely darling 6-lb. Chihuahua, born in January, 2013, and his favorite place is the nearest lap, but he's also ready to play when it's time for fun.  Gilbert has a lovely, velvety coat that makes him extra huggable, and he loves the company of both people and dogs. Gilbert is housebroken, great with other animals, he loves to go for walks, and he's neutered, vaccinated and ready to go.

Our Beloved Friend
It is with broken hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend TRISTAN, a gentle, sweet Jack Russell Terrier who graced our lives from July 13, 2013 to April 19, 2016.

Special Needs Pomeranian Mix

VIRGINIA, Jr. is an adorable, 8-lb. Pomeranian mix born in August, 2011, and she came to us at the age of 4 months with two bad knees and a dislocated hip, in terrible pain and unable to walk or even stand.  Our brilliant Dr. Galster fixed her knees and her hip, which eliminated all pain, but as she healed we realized that she also had nerve damage, and that she will never walk properly.  VIRGINIA, Jr. cannot go up or down stairs or hop onto the sofa, but she motors along in her own fashion and plays with the other little dogs, and she is no pushover--just ask Gilbert, her wrestling partner.   Virginia, Jr. is spayed, vaccinated, housebroken and ready to go. 


In loving memory
Our dear friend WALTER passed away in September, after gracing us for nearly four years with his strength of character, his gentle disposition and his sheer beauty. Walter suffered terribly and for many years at the hands of humans, and under attack from other dogs who were themselves enslaved, but he was unfailingly optimistic that the next person or dog would treat him well, and for those four years he was never disappointed. We will always be grateful for the opportunity to show Walter a bit of what life has to offer, and we will carry his lessons with us always.